Media Exposure For Everyone!

Are you tired of paying large retainers for PR with nothing to show for it?

Don’t have the time or budget to work with a professional publicist?

Do you wish there
was a better way?

Welcome to No Retainer PR

the all-new done-for-you public relations program that gets you big-time media exposure without spending a lot of time or money.

Joining NRPR is absolutely free


You only pay if our team of publicists can successfully generate media coverage for you

Who is



  • Experts in any industry (From the traditional health & wellness and financial experts to the more off-the-wall topics like our vegan cheese expert and client who dubbed herself “The Sex Minister,” we do it all)
  • Non-fiction authors
  • Speakers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Life coaches/personal development & self-help professionals



  • No cost to join and enter your information in our secure database.
  • Never a monthly retainer or contract.
  • Start and stop whenever you want.
  • Pay one price per story you are featured in, nothing more.
  • A team of professional publicists (all former journalists) working hard to get you coverage.
  • This is not a coaching or a DIY program. It’s 100% done-for-you public relations.
  • Build massive visibility, credibility and be seen as the “go-to” expert source in your field.

What media outlets does NRPR work with?

NRPR is staffed with a team of seasoned publicist and PR professionals who have relationships at some of the largest media organizations in the world. From local TV news and talk radio to national newspapers, magazines and broadcast outlets, there isn’t any journalist or media organization we can’t go after.

We do things differently!

Whoever said ‘No Risk, No Reward’ clearly didn’t know what they were talking about. Unlike other PR firms that make you pay thousands of dollars upfront with no guarantees, our model is simple: pay only for what we get! For you that means, ‘No Risk, All Reward!” Don’t make your PR firm rich for little to no results. With NRPR’s model, you’re in control every step of the way.

Our pricing model is simple and straightforward:

  •  Local or national newspaper mention/quote in print or online: $300.00

  • Local magazine mention/quote in print/online: $300.00

  • National print magazine or online outlet mention/quote: $400.00

  • Any magazine/online outlet byline article: $400.00 (Extra fee applies if we write the article)

  • Local or national talk radio interview regardless of time: $300.00

  • Local TV mention/reporter package/soundbite: $300.00

  • Full local sit-down TV segment: $500.00

  • National Cable TV interview (CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox Biz, etc.) $1,000.00

  • National morning TV (NBC’s Today, GMA, CBS This Morning, etc.) $2,000.00

  • Broadcast TV/Radio MP4 files (when applicable) $50.00 per clip

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Media Exposure For Everyone!

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